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Emerging rapper, singer & songwriter "RØNIN" has become one of Australia’s most promising artists on track to break globally. Over 1/2 Billion Views Worldwide His music is versatile; He merges electronica, alt-rock, hip-hop and pop.

RONIN wrote and recorded his international hit “ALL GIRLS ARE THE SAME” in his bedroom. This dark, breakup anthem was the turning point for his music career, with his hit receiving over 1/2 Billion views worldwide, been placed in over 380,000+ Spotify playlists, charted on Spotify Viral 50 in 28 countries, and continues to do over 200,000 streams a day on Spotify. Labels around the world noticed the international buzz and started calling.

His Latest single “I JUST FKN HATE YOU NOW” already hit one million+ streams and is growing quickly. His new single “Butterflies” is getting noticed by major labels and top global artists and RONIN is currently crafting his much anticipated debut album and gearing up for world domination!


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