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RØNIN Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of "BUTTERFLIES"


Jun 22, 2023

RØNIN provides fans with an intimate and immersive experience, giving them a glimpse into the creative process behind his music with a Behind The Scenes of "BUTTERFLIES"

Independent artist RØNIN has been making waves in the music industry with his unique sound and captivating lyrics. With his latest release, "BUTTERFLIES," RØNIN showcases not only his exceptional talent. RØNIN releases a behind-the-scenes video on his YouTube channel, offering fans an intimate glimpse into the live studio session of "BUTTERFLIES," a track produced by the talented trio of Alex Delicata, Aaron Zuckerman and excutive produced by RØNIN. the song was written by Castle and RØNIN, Castle being recognized as one of the Top 25 songwriters of 2022, known for penning hits such as Joji's "Glimpse of Us" (RIAA platinum certification) and John Legend's "Wonder Woman." & the list goes on.

The behind-the-scenes video takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey, delving into the making of "BUTTERFLIES" from inception to completion. RØNIN's commitment to transparency and his dedication to sharing his creative process are evident throughout the video. The film crew captures the energy and passion radiating from the artists involved, creating an authentic and immersive experience for fans.

The collaboration between RØNIN, Alex Delicata, Aaron Zuckerman, and Castle on "BUTTERFLIES" amplifies the song's artistic prowess. Alex Delicata and Aaron Zuckerman, renowned producers in their own right, bring their innovative production techniques to the table, elevating the track's sonic landscape. RØNIN's unique vision and distinct voice merge seamlessly with their expertise, resulting in a composition that is both sonically rich and emotionally profound.

One cannot overlook the significant contributions of Castle, who co-wrote "BUTTERFLIES" with RØNIN in 2021. Castle's exceptional talent has garnered immense recognition, and being ranked among the Top 25 songwriters of 2022 further solidifies his reputation. His songwriting prowess is evident in chart-topping hits such as Joji's "Glimpse of Us" and John Legend's "Wonder Woman." Castle's ability to craft poignant and relatable lyrics complements RØNIN's melodic sensibilities, creating a harmonious blend that captivates listeners.

"BUTTERFLIES" is a testament to RØNIN's evolution as an artist. The song's introspective lyrics explore themes of transformation, growth, and self-discovery. RØNIN's soulful vocals breathe life into the track, resonating with listeners on a profound level. The enchanting production, courtesy of Delicata, Zuckerman, and RØNIN, adds layers of depth to the composition, accentuating the song's emotional core.

With the release of the behind-the-scenes video for "BUTTERFLIES studio session," RØNIN provides fans with an intimate and immersive experience, giving them a glimpse into the creative process behind his music. Collaborating with renowned producers like Alex Delicata and Aaron Zuckerman, as well as esteemed songwriter Castle, RØNIN demonstrates his commitment to crafting exceptional music that resonates with listeners. "BUTTERFLIES" showcases the transformative power of art and solidifies RØNIN's place as

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