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RØNIN Shares New Track, “Butterflies (Ready To Go)”


Oct 28, 2022

RØNIN Shares New Track, “Butterflies (Ready To Go)”

Cryptic Australian genre bender and viral hitmaker RØNIN is back with his new single, “Butterflies (Ready To Go)” today. The sultry and mysterious yet danceable track continues to showcase RØNIN’s enigmatic air and unique artistry. Listen to it now below.

Diving into the meaning of today’s release, RØNIN said he was inspired by, “When your destiny feels unreachable, and you must break through the barriers of life. Trust in your instincts, believe in yourself and when you feel butterflies, chase your dreams and never give up.”

Back in August, the unfinished version of “Butterflies” was leaked on the IDLEGLANCE YouTube channel. Following the animated edit’s virality, fans demanded for the single’s release and voraciously streamed RØNIN’s existing library in the meantime. The energy of the track perfectly matches the anime world it has been consumed within up to this point and hints at a creative direction RØNIN wishes to further. On November 24, fans can expect another animated video coming on the Scroll Gang YouTube channel.

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