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TheMusicEnthusiast x RØNIN Releases “Butterflies (Ready To Go)”

Julia Hollander

Nov 1, 2022

RØNIN Releases “Butterflies (Ready To Go)”

Emerging alt hip-hop artist, singer, and songwriter RØNIN is at it again with his new bop “Butterflies (Ready To Go)”. This song has the perfect level of angst and edginess for your evening drives around the city, but the lyrics, almost inaudible and muffled at times, create a moodiness that when looking at the lyrics, feel like a metaphor for being unheard in your time of need, or even being misunderstood at a time that it is essential to be understood. On first, second or even third listen, it’s easy to miss just how dark and distraught the lyrics are in this song.

“I tried a million times, oh lord I tried too many times, let it go I tried to turn this life around Why you always put me down?”

And each chorus is punctuated by the catchiest “Doo Doo Doos” possibly ever. Somehow, even in the moment without lyrics, the song never loses momentum. With a steady and loud drum beat and edgy, punk pop vocals, RØNIN’s “Butterflies (Ready To Go)” is a catchy and classic song with a deeper meaning to be found underneath it’s ear-catching production.

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